ATP Change Network

The ATP Change Network is responsible for supporting you and your colleagues throughout the transition to Workday and Huron Research Suite. Made of leaders from across the UW System, the Change Network provides faculty and staff with the information needed to prepare for the launch of Workday in July 2024.

Change Network members:

  • Participate in monthly meetings
  • Ensure completion of campus readiness activities
  • Communicate with faculty and staff about ATP updates, details about changing business processes, and end-user training

ATP Change Network members also attend and communicate about Readiness Workshops, which will be recorded and made available to all UW faculty and staff. Learn about the Readiness Workshops, and see how to access the recordings.

Change Network Members

Readiness Teams

Campus Readiness Teams are now in place at every UW institution. UW-Madison will also have Readiness Teams at the school, college, and division level.


On some campuses, Readiness Teams may establish unit-level Ambassadors to serve as liaisons and help inform staff of upcoming changes.

A group of people sitting at a circular table and discussing

Systemwide Governance Groups

UW System's established governance groups will provide the same change readiness information to your campus through their established communications channels.

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UW-Madison Governance Groups

UW-Madison's established governance groups will provide the same change readiness information through their established communications channels.

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Readiness Workshops

Beginning in the Configure & Prototype Stage, the Readiness Workshops provide an overview of Workday functionality, as well as a preview of how specific business processes have been designed in the system, with a different topic highlighted each month. The workshops are your best opportunity to see Workday prior to the start of training in 2024. All Readiness Workshops will also be recorded, and the recordings will be available to anyone with a UW login ID.

Readiness Team Members

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