To facilitate the implementation of Workday and Huron Research Suite, the Administrative Transformation Program has established a governance framework that includes representation from all UW System campuses.

Pyramid graphic depicting ATP's governance structure, from Design Teams to Executive Sponsors

Design Teams

Most of the decisions for process and task standardization are made by Design Teams, unless policy changes or broader approval is required by the governance group(s).

Functional Governance Groups

The finance, human resources, research administration, and IT governance groups approve key design decisions as needed, based on recommendations from the Design Teams. They also review decisions with Systemwide policy or legislative impacts.

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Finance Governance Committee

  • Susie Maloney, ATP Finance Strategy Lead
  • Julie Gordon, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance, UW System Administration
  • Erin Hintz, Budget Director, UW-Stevens Point
  • Ginger Hintz, Assistant Vice President & Controller, UW System Administration
  • David Honma, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Business Services and Controller, UW–Madison
  • Ann Iverson, Controller/Director of Business Services, UW-Parkside
  • Jennifer Klippel, Budget Office Director, UW–Madison
  • Drew Knab, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Services, UW-Milwaukee
  • Jackie Kriesel, Controller, UW-Eau Claire
  • Andrew Johnson, Interim Director of the Madison Budget Office, UW–Madison
  • David Murphy, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, UW–Madison
  • Renee Stephenson, Assistant Vice President of Budget Development and Planning, UW System Administration
  • Brent Tilton, Director of Procurement, UW System Administration

HR Governance Committee

  • Allison Niles, ATP HR Strategy Lead
  • Dan Chanen, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, UW System Administration
  • Connie Putland, Chief Human Resource Officer, UW-Whitewater
  • Makda Fessahaye, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, UW-Milwaukee
  • Cory Kempf, Human Resources Director, UW-Superior
  • Karen Massetti-Moran, Director of Total Reward, UW–Madison
  • Eric Roesler, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Stevens Point
  • Patrick Sheehan, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, UW–Madison
  • Diann Sypula, Director of Service Operations, UW System Administration
  • Stacey Rolston, Interim Executive Director, UW-Shared Services

Research Admin Governance Committee

  • Kim Moreland, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration and Director Research and Sponsored Programs, UW–Madison
  • Angie Johnson, Interim Associate Director, Research Financial Services and Managing Officer, UW–Madison
  • Dorothy Johnson, Interim Associate Director, Research Financial Services and Managing Officer, UW–Madison
  • Tammy Kuhn Martin, Assistant Dean for Research Administration, College of Engineering, UW–Madison
  • Nick Novak, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Services, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, UW–Madison
  • Mark Sweet, Director of Grant and Contract Services, Research and Sponsored Programs, UW–Madison
  • Angie Seitler, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, UW–Madison
  • Christy Schulz, Senior Multifunctional Research Administration Manager, Office of Research Administration, UW–Madison
  • Kurt McMillen, ATP Research Administration Strategy Lead

Membership will change when the Research Administration Modernization Project (RAMP) timeline for UW-Milwaukee and the comprehensive institutions has been decided.

IT Governance Committee

  • Bob Beck, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor for University Information Technology Services, UW-Milwaukee
  • Lois Brooks, Chief Information Officer & Vice Provost for Information Technology, UW–Madison
  • Steven Hopper, Associate Vice President for Learning and Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, UW System Administration
  • David Kim, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Service, UW-La Crosse
  • Allison La Tarte, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Institutional Research, UW–Madison
  • Ed Murphy, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, UWSA
  • Dave Pagenkopf, Deputy Chief Information Officer, UW–⁠Madison
  • Ben Passmore, Associate Vice President for Policy Analysis and Research, UWSA
  • Adam Paulick, Director of Enterprise Business Systems, UW–Madison
  • Elena Pokot, Chief Information Officer, UW-Whitewater
  • Jeff Savoy, Chief Information Security Officer, UW–Madison
  • Stacy Scholtka, Director of Enterprise Architecture, UWSA

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides oversight and strategic direction to ATP leadership and the program’s Executive Sponsors.

The committee ensures that policies, practices, and resources are most effectively aligned to support and advance the goals of ATP. This will be achieved through proactive leadership, advisement, quick decision-making, and ongoing advocacy for ATP and the functional workgroups.

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Steering Committee

Role Name Organization Title
Co-Chair Lois Brooks UW–‍Madison Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Co-Chair Rob Cramer UW–‍Madison Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Co-Chair Steven Hopper UW System Administration Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Co-Chair Sean Nelson UW System Administration Vice President for Finance and Administration
Member Steve Ackerman UW–‍Madison Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
Member Bob Hetzel UW-La Crosse Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance
Member David Murphy UW–Madison Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Member Stacey Rolston UW-Shared Services Interim Executive Director
Member Karl Scholz UW–‍Madison Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Member Sheryl Van Gruensven UW-Green Bay Chief Business Officer/Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy
Member Robin Van Harpen UW-Milwaukee Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
Member Patrick Sheehan UW–‍Madison Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Executive Sponsors

The Executive Sponsors maintain ultimate approval for key decisions within ATP’s scope.