Information Technology

ATP’s work to streamline our administrative business processes is only possible if we have modern technology to support them. This includes the implementation of Workday, an integrated, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, to replace Human Resource System (HRS) and Shared Financial System (SFS).

Implementing Workday will also allow us to retire hundreds of ancillary systems across the Universities of Wisconsin. Many ancillary systems were brought onboard to supplement HRS and SFS and will no longer be needed following the implementation of Workday.

The IT Strategy Team’s role within ATP is to oversee the Workday implementation, including:

  • Supporting reporting goals within the finance, HR, and research administration processes for Workday and Workday’s information-management system, Prism
  • Migrating and converting necessary data for use in Workday
  • Testing oversight of the Workday platform, including system testing, integration testing, performance testing, parallel payroll testing, security testing, and user acceptance testing
  • Evaluating current software integrations and coordinating development of integrations between the UW environment and Workday, as well as external vendors
  • Helping to transition workflow and document functions to Workday, where possible
  • Coordinating information security and application security for Workday
  • Managing deployments of configuration and data into Workday tenants during the project and go-live

ATP is a people-first project. We will work with ancillary system owners to create a plan to evaluate each system’s role now and after the implementation of Workday. We will continue to partner with system owners to design the technical solution and cutover plans.

Ancillary Systems

ATP’s work to simplify the UWs’ complex technology environment involves the evaluation of hundreds of third-party systems and “local solutions” — known as ancillary systems — that have been adopted to fill the functional gaps of SFS and HRS.

More than 1,800 ancillary systems have been identified through the collaboration of UW’s administrative system and business owners and ATP’s Finance, Human Resources, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

These systems are undergoing a lengthy review process that includes rigorous requirements-gathering sessions and a thorough analysis — known as dispositioning — after which each UW university will assign their systems’ final “keep,” “replace,” or “retire” designations.

ERP Ancillary Systems Program

ATP is partnering with the ERP Ancillary Systems Program (ASP) to complete the disposition process. Visit the ASP website to find program updates, read FAQs, and more.

Learn more about the ancillary systems work

Ancillary Systems Disposition

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