ATP leaders build connections with UW System campuses

Through May and June, the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) is putting its people-first approach into action. Chief Technology Officer for ATP, Dr. Joanna Wang, and Executive Sponsor Jim Langdon, Vice President for Administration at UW System Administration, are traveling to all UW System campuses to meet with the chancellors’ leadership teams. These introductory visits allow ATP leadership to hear and understand the unique needs of each campus and to provide an overview of the work supporting the implementation of Workday and Huron Research Suite.  

These visits are a first step in the broader engagement strategy to facilitate communication to and from ATP, as well as within each campus. The initial concept for a change network and readiness team was introduced for input from the campuses.

“Engaging staff on all campuses is integral to the success of ATP,” Wang said. “Our communications and engagement plan will build on relationships with existing groups across the UW System and establish new ones.”

Details of the Architect Stage, as well as scope and ATP timeline, were also discussed. ATP will hold the next round of campus meetings this fall.

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