Finance November 2022 Update

What We Are Working On

Configuration Tenant Build

In October, the cumulative results from Future-State Process Design (FSPD) Playback sessions and input from Focus, Validation, and Governance Groups were loaded into the latest UW-specific Workday tenant (essentially, a model workspace reflecting ATP configuration decisions to date). The new Workday tenant will continue to be built out until the end of November, when the Architect Stage closes.

FDM Mapping Sessions

The General Ledger Design Team will continue working with our campuses on mapping the current-state chart of accounts to the new FDM (Foundation Data Model) values. While sessions with UW-Milwaukee and the comprehensive institutions occurred this summer, UW-Madison held most of its sessions in October. FDM mapping work will continue into the Configure & Prototype Stage and is expected to be complete by May 2023.

Adaptive Planning

Budget Design Team members completed training on the Adaptive Planning tool in October. Starting in November and continuing until summer of 2023, the Budget Design Team and Budget Focus Group will hold weekly meetings to develop requirements and business processes for the following functions:

  • Compensation Planning Budget/Forecast
  • Auxiliary Driver-Based Budget/Forecast
  • Tuition Driver-Based Budget/Forecast
  • Planning Allocations and Commitments
  • Other Non-Compensation/Revenue Budget/Forecast
  • Projects, Grants, and other items

Compensation Planning will be the first topic the group will work through. The Budget Team aims to develop a phase 1 scope recommendation in May of 2023. In addition, the Budget Team will continue to work through other project-related items (key decisions, ancillary system reviews, reporting, integrations, and additional Workday touchpoints).

Preparing for Change

The ATP Design Teams have been involved in cross-functional sessions with ATP IT teams to start planning for conversion data mapping, integrations, reporting, and designing security roles. The ancillary systems inventory is also a significant area of focus for each of the design teams.

As they have throughout the Architect Stage, finance team members continue to methodically work through risks, issues, and decisions as they arise. Likewise, team members continue to identify and log the potential impacts of expected changes. These change impact logs will be used to guide upcoming Customer Confirmation (CC) sessions and unit test prep to prepare appropriate transition support and training.

What’s Next

On December 1, the Configure & Prototype Stage begins. The work of the next stage will continue through June 2023 and will include:

  • Iterative Prototyping (End-to-End)
  • Configuration, Integration, and Reporting Development & Unit Testing
  • Conversion Testing
  • Test Preparation
  • Customer Confirmation Sessions

In November, the final month of the Architect (Design) Stage, ATP staff will begin scheduling Customer Confirmation sessions to be held in early 2023.