IT July 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates

Over the past month, the IT Strategy Team has continued to recruit and hire new team members. Please refer to the ATP website for up-to-date information on new team members.

Data Conversion

The Conversion Team continues to facilitate data mapping sessions and identify human resources and finance data needs. The sessions are intended to identify business requirements that will be used to determine and load data from PeopleSoft into the second Workday tenant build. There have been 53 sessions scheduled to date. Additional sessions will be scheduled in the near future.


The Integration Team has begun holding design sessions and is aligning integration needs into work packages. Work packages are intended to align the integrations to topics discussed in functional Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions and allow visibility into work progress. The team has also finished drafting the ancillary systems disposition and workflow and document management strategy documents. They continue to facilitate follow-up meetings with UW-Milwaukee and the comprehensive universities to review and validate how ancillary systems are used throughout the UW System.

Additionally, the ATP IT and UW-Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Project (ASP) teams continue to collaborate on ancillary system fit-gap assessments and ongoing integration refinement between the IT workstream, functional leads, and ASP teams.


The Security Team continues to support access requests to the Workday tenant and has begun participating in Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions, working to define baseline security controls and identify a process to manage and document Workday access requests.

Data, Reporting and Analytics

The Data, Reporting, and Analytics Strategy Team welcomed Robert Waksdahl as the Interim Data and Reporting Strategy Lead. The team continues to work with UW reporting stakeholders to validate the reporting inventory and look for opportunities to consolidate reporting through new processes and by utilizing out-of-the-box reporting capabilities delivered through Workday. Weekly sessions are held with ATP’s Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams to inventory reporting and analytics needs that emerge through the FSPD sessions. 


As you may recall, ATP’s Steering Committee approved a recommendation last year to retire UDDS (Unit/Division/Department/Sub-department) and change UW’s organizational structure to align with Workday functionality. We will share more information about this decision as we work with stakeholders to finalize the ancillary system inventory and assess change impacts in the upcoming Configure & Prototype Stage.