IT November 2022 Update

As we prepare for the Configure & Prototype (C&P) Stage, the IT Strategy Team continues to increase its understanding of Workday and the associated technology needs.

After careful review and consideration of resources, a plan was developed to restructure the existing areas of IT — better aligning the development teams with the functional teams — and create a Cross-Functional Systems Solutions Team. This new team will be composed of functional analysts that focus on system-wide solutions (in close partnership with functional teams), Workday systems administration, security, testing, and deployment.

The IT team continues to grow as we recruit and hire new team members. Please visit the ATP website for up-to-date information on new hires.

What We’ve Been Working On

Data Conversion

The Conversion Team continues to use the information gathered during their data mapping sessions to prepare and extract the data for loading into the Workday Configuration Tenant. To date, a total of 146 operational data store (ODS) tables have been built for finance and human resources. The team has also built 23 crosswalk tables and 50 staging tables, with 27 of them populated with data, validated by Huron, and loaded into the upcoming Configuration Tenant. Client validation is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

This data will be used in future stages of the program by:

  • The Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams to validate, test, and adjust their business processes
  • The Integration Team to write programs that send data from Workday to various other systems
  • The Reporting Team to create reports that will be used to better analyze the data


The Integrations Team kicked off development work for work packages WP-1 and WP-2. The following integrations are included in those work packages:

  • Customer Accounts
  • W2s
  • US Bank
  • Components of PersonHub worker and student worker demographics
  • AssetWorks

In addition, the team continues to work with the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams to develop integration design documents for work packages WP-6 and WP-7.

Integration design sessions were scheduled in October to discuss:

  • HireRight
  • Jaggaer
  • Job Posting
  • AssetWorks
  • E-Verify
  • US Bank

Ancillary Systems

The Ancillary Systems Team continues to meet with the institutions to collect the final dispositions of each identified system. In the spirit of transparency, a sortable, searchable list of all ancillary systems inventoried for disposition is being developed and will be made available shortly. This list will be updated on a regular basis so, as decisions are made for each system, end users can see the outcomes of the systems that affect their day-to-day operations.

The collection of final ancillary system dispositions is expected to continue through the end of November. As decisions are made, further analysis will need to be completed on each system.

  • Systems with a disposition of “keep” will have a gap and cost analysis completed, an integration plan developed, a security assessment supplied, and the approval of the data governance.
  • Systems with a disposition of “replace” will require benefits realization, business process redesign or alignment, data conversions, and reporting requirements gathering, as well as the development of a transition and communication plan.


Data protection and access management continue to be a top priority for the Security Team. Initial single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication testing is wrapping up, and user lifecycle plans are being refined. The team is working to finalize the authentication, tenant access, and data masking plans for the Configuration and Training Tenants.

The Security Team continues to review Future State Process Design (FSPD) documents for security build requirements as they are completed and is engaging with the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams on requirement validations in preparation for security profile mapping.

Data and Reporting

The Data and Reporting Strategy Team has completed the validation of the report inventory with the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Design Teams. Through the validation process, a total of 535 reports were prioritized for early development: 170 for finance, 274 for HR, and 91 for research administration. This work will be presented to the functional Strategy Leads in the upcoming weeks for sign-off. Development work is being assessed and broken up into work packages and planned for upcoming iterations.

The following office-hour sessions to validate the report inventory were held in October:

Human Resources

  • Recruiting/Onboarding


  • GL (General Ledger)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Payroll

Research Administration

    • Options to blend pre-award and post-award information for reports
    • Early specification gathering