ATP begins Configure and Prototype Stage

The Administrative Transformation Program kicked off the Configure and Prototype Stage in early December, after a productive Architect Stage that kept the project on schedule and within budget.

“Teams across ATP worked hard in the Architect Stage to complete all expected deliverables and prepare us for the work of the Configure and Prototype Stage,” said Dr. Joanna Wang, ATP’s Program Executive and Chief Technology Officer.

Photo of Dr. Joanna Wang speaking in front of a group of people, with a large Powerpoint on display in the background
Dr. Joanna Wang presents to the ATP team during day 1 of the Configure and Prototype Stage kickoff on December 6, 2022.

During the Architect Stage, ATP conducted more than 230 design sessions with input from 465 Focus and Validation Group members who represented every UW institution. Additionally, more than 1,400 reports and 1,700 ancillary systems were inventoried, also with the assistance of subject matter experts from across the UW System.

“The contributions of our campus partners are crucial to ATP’s success,” Wang said. “We are grateful for their time, expertise, and commitment to the University of Wisconsin System.”

As the team moves into the Configure and Prototype Stage, Customer Confirmation sessions will provide key stakeholders with an overview of Workday design elements and demonstrations of use cases that include UW data and business processes. They will also see how ancillary systems and reporting will be integrated with Workday.

Design work will also continue across the finance, HR, and research administration workstreams.

“This is an exciting stage of the program,” Wang said. “Our Design Teams will home in on the tasks and steps of business processes as they create the Workday tenant we will test in the next stage.”

Photograph of a group of people engaging in conversation around tables

Other ATP teams will also accelerate activities to move the program forward. The ATP IT team will conduct testing for all aspects of implementation and integration. The Engagement and Readiness Team will conduct monthly Readiness Team meetings and Readiness Workshops to help all UW institutions prepare for the transition to Workday.

Beginning in the Configure and Prototype Stage and continuing to go-live, anyone with a UW login can access recordings of the Readiness Workshops. The workshops will provide high-level overviews of Workday functionality. A list of Workday terms is also available, with new terms added monthly.

Upon completion of the Configure and Prototype, Test and Train, and Deploy Stages, Workday is anticipated to go live in July 2024.

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