ATP leaders, Systemwide administrative experts make key business decisions

The Administrative Transformation Program and administrative leaders from across the University of Wisconsin met in February and March to begin making a series of decisions that will shape essential administrative services at the UW. The decisions came out of ATP’s Future State Vision Workshops, which were aimed at aligning on program outcomes and setting the strategic vision for ATP.

Human Resources, Finance, and Research Administration experts agreed to move forward with the following:

  • Recommend UW retire UDDS and change our organizational structure to align with the new ERP’s functionality
    • Recommend retire smart numbering, redefine smart naming conventions, restore data integrity, establish governance
  • Explore the implementation of position management functionality within the new ERP
  • Conduct workshops to identify operating model projects; design teams will define the future state operating model for key business areas and seek approval of designs
  • Recommend transitioning to one intuitive process for time tracking for non-exempt employees
  • Recommend pursuing employee self-service and manager self-service wherever possible with appropriate workflow
  • Recommend standardizing the recording of revenue across all funds (pending sponsor approval)
  • Recommend moving to a composite fringe rate (pending sponsor approval)
  • Recommend pursuing an integrated ecosystem (suite of products) across pre-award, post-award, and research compliance
    • Recommend pursuing a consistent user experience
  • Recommend exploring changes to roles, responsibilities, or structures when there are opportunities or advantages
    • Recommend pursuing consistency between campuses and divisions when there are opportunities or advantages

The decisions received full support from participants, who also discussed the complexities that will need to be addressed as the business process transformation work moves forward. As the work moves forward, ATP will leverage the program’s governance structure for recommendation and approval.

About the Workshops
The vision workshops are the first step in ATP’s effort to transform administrative business processes — all of which support essential services for UW faculty, students, and staff. Planning workshops and design sessions that delve deeper into end-to-end business processes and functions will come next.

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