Business Process Design & Validation

Standardizing business processes across units, schools, divisions, and UW universities is one of the primary goals of ATP. Our business process transformation work started with a comprehensive review of current administrative processes and will result in the configuration of Workday and select Huron Research Suite modules to meet the administrative needs of the Universities of Wisconsin.

As we move forward, we will work with subject matter experts from across the UWs in a series of design and feedback sessions. Insights from these sessions will help guide the next steps of the business process transformation.

Participants include:

  • Design Teams: ATP staff dedicated to designing a specific process within finance, HR, or research administration
  • Governance Committees: Systemwide administrative leaders who provide direction to ATP

Designated subject matter experts (SMEs) from the Universities of Wisconsin will be invited to participate in:

  • Focus Groups: End users, process owners, and leaders from across the UWs
  • Validation Groups: End users, process owners, process managers, and leaders from across the system

See participants from your campus or functional area.

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Complete: Foundation Sessions – Planning Stage

Participants: ATP Strategy Teams | Subject Matter Experts

Workday Foundation Sessions introduce the Workday Foundational Data Model for finance and the Workday Human Capital Management concepts for human resources. They also introduce cross functional concepts and considerations.

Participants will create a basic design document that will guide decision-making in the Architect Stage.

Complete: Discovery Sessions – Planning Stage

Participants: Design Teams | Focus Groups | Subject Matter Experts

The Discovery Sessions introduce Workday features, concepts, and terms to help build the Foundation Tenant, which is the initial setup, or configuration, of Workday that the Design Teams will use during the Architect Stage. Participants will see key components of the Workday modules and discuss high-level processes.

Participants will help identify high-impact processes for transformation. ATP will confirm the scope of work for the Architect Stage, as well as sample data to use in the Foundation Tenant.

Complete: Future-State Process Design (FSPD) Sessions – Architect Stage

Participants: Design Teams | Focus Groups | Subject Matter Experts

The Future-State Process Design Sessions will focus on business processes identified in the Discovery Sessions that will deliver significant impact when changed. Focus Group members and other SMEs will meet with Design Teams to provide insights about business needs and learn how Workday can meet them.

Participants will create “source of truth” documents that will guide the mapping and configuring of future state business process flows inside and outside of Workday.

Complete: Architect Design – Architect Stage

Participants: Design Teams | Focus Groups | Subject Matter Experts

These working sessions focus on core Workday configuration within finance, human resources, and research administration, including the design of less complex business processes​. Additional sessions will be held to address cross-functional impacts.

Participants will create detailed documents to guide the configuration of Workday in the next stage of the program.

Complete: Playback – Architect Stage

Participants: Design Teams | Focus Groups | Validation Groups

In the Playback Sessions, Focus and Validation Groups will provide feedback to the Design Teams after viewing demonstrations and presentations of the UW Workday design.

Participants’ feedback will be considered for action, if applicable, in the Configuration and Prototype Stage.

Complete: Design Sign-Off – End of Architect Stage

Participants: Design Teams | Governance Committees

The ATP Design Teams will engage key leadership and stakeholders to iteratively validate the Workday configuration for their respective workstream.

Complete: Customer Confirmation Sessions – Configure & Prototype Stage

Participants: ATP Strategy Team | Subject Matter Experts

These sessions are an opportunity for subject matter experts and stakeholders to see how Workday will be used and share observations with the ATP Project Team. Meetings include:

  • An overview of the future state process​es configured in Workday
  • A demonstration of our future state Workday design (key scenarios)​
  • A review of open decisions (if applicable)​
  • Time for questions and an opportunity for stakeholders to share feedback

Actionable feedback from the Validation Groups will be applied to the remaining design work. Customer Confirmation Sessions are not an opportunity for complete redesign, formalized testing, or data validation, and they should not be considered formal training.

Who's Involved

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