Finance June 2022 Update

ATP’s Finance Team has begun the Architect (Design) Stage of the Workday implementation. Read on to see what the team has been working on, what comes next, and important program news.

Workday Progress and Updates 

Future State Process Design Sessions

Future State Process Design (FSPD) Sessions are an important activity in Workday’s implementation methodology. FSPD Sessions focus on processes targeted for high-level transformation. Report requirements, integrations, key decisions, conversion scope, and change impacts are important outcomes of the FSPD Sessions. The Finance Team held 14 FSPD Sessions in May:

  • Accounting Adjustment – Drafting
  • Accounting Adjustment – Reviewing
  • Expense Report – Drafting
  • Expense Report – Reviewing
  • Accounting Journal – Drafting
  • Accounting Journal – Reviewing
  • Asset Lifecycle – Drafting
  • Spend Authorization – Drafting
  • Capital Projects – Drafting
  • Customer Invoice – Drafting
  • Internal Service Delivery – Drafting
  • Internal Service Delivery – Reviewing
  • Customers – Drafting
  • Customers – Reviewing

Architect Sessions

In addition to FSPD Sessions, each functional team has started to meet with their focus group members in Architect Design (AD) Sessions. AD Sessions focus on core Workday configuration within each functional area, including the design of less complex business processes​. Architect Design (AD) Sessions will happen throughout the Architect Stage. The following Kickoff Sessions were held in May:

  • FDM Kickoff
  • Internal Service Delivery Kickoff
  • Endowments Kickoff
  • Projects Kickoff
  • Supplier/Procurement Kickoff
  • Payroll Accounting Kickoff
  • Inventory Kickoff
  • Customer Accounts Kickoff
  • Financial Accounting Kickoff
  • Cash/Banking Kickoff
  • Expenses Design Session Kickoff

New Staff

The Finance Team has grown. Please refer to the Finance Team site for up-to-date information about the ATP Finance Team and ATP Finance Team Members.

What’s Next

The Finance Team will continue to hold Future State Process Design (FSPD) Sessions in June, which include the following:

  • Inventory Fulfillment – Drafting
  • Inventory Fulfillment – Reviewing
  • Inventory Replenishment – Drafting
  • Inventory Replenishment – Reviewing
  • Miscellaneous Payment – Drafting
  • Payroll Accounting Adjustment (Cross-Functional with HR) – Drafting
  • Payroll Accounting Adjustment (Cross-Functional with HR) – Reviewing
  • Asset Lifecycle – Reviewing
  • Spend Authorization – Reviewing
  • Period Close – Drafting
  • Period Close – Reviewing
  • Capital Projects – Reviewing
  • Inventory Management – Drafting
  • Inventory Management – Reviewing
  • Customer Invoice – Reviewing
  • Customer Payment – Drafting
  • Goods Delivery Run – Drafting
  • Goods Delivery Run – Reviewing
  • Costing Allocation – Drafting
  • Costing Allocation – Reviewing
  • Inventory PAR Management – Drafting
  • Inventory PAR Management – Reviewing
  • Customer Payment – Reviewing