HR June 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

Future State Process Design Sessions

Future State Process Design (FSPD) Sessions are an important activity in Workday’s implementation methodology. The HR Strategy Team held four FSPD Sessions in May to begin drafting these processes:

  • Job Requisition and Create Position
  • Recruit to Hire
  • Pre-Hire to Hire
  • Onboarding

Academic Organizations

The Academics Design Team is collecting information that will be used to create the Academic Unit structure within Workday. There will be continued discussion and review of this draft structure as the team moves through the Architect (Design) Stage and gather more details on how this connects to courses and instructional appointments.

As a starting point, the team sent a request to each campus on May 2 to:

  • Verify major name and major code
  • Provide names of departments/units that are tenure granting

Supervisory Organizations

The HR Strategy Team has been working on a plan to create and manage the Supervisory Organization structure that will be used in Workday. The team surveyed CHROs to understand how both Reports To and Position Numbers are currently used in Human Resource System. Given the results, it was determined that we will use the Reports To structure within HRS to build the Supervisory Organization structure. An effort is under way to update Reports To values that do not currently represent an employee’s manager.  

New Staff

The HR team is excited to welcome these new ATP HR Team Members!

Liz Hanson started on May 23 as a design team member supporting Onboarding. She has seven years’ experience in human resources, most recently as the HR manager at a local product development firm. Prior to her HR career, Liz worked in nonprofits providing advocacy to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Rhonda Langetieg will be joining the HR Payroll Team on June 6 as a design team member. She comes to ATP from UW-Shared Services, with broad experience in payroll processing.

What’s Next

The team will continue to hold Future State Process Design Sessions. June processes include:

  • Hire and Add Job
  • Manage Compensation
  • Enter Time, Request
  • Employee Information
  • Change Job part 1 (promotions, demotions, reclassifications)
  • Change Job part 2 (laterals/transfers, location changes, date extensions for fixed term, and all other types of changes)
  • Academic Appointments
  • Termination and End Job
  • Manage Learning
  • Employee Reviews
  • Contract Contingent
  • Manage Talent

The team will also conduct weekly Architect Design (AD) Sessions throughout the Architect Stage, which runs through November 2022.