Finance September 2022 Update

What We Are Working On

Future State Process Design (FSPD) Playback Sessions

In August, the Finance Strategy Team wrapped up the Future State Process Design (FSPD) Playback sessions. The purpose of these sessions was to share information regarding the design of future-state processes and Workday configuration, as well as to collect broad stakeholder feedback. They were attended by members of Finance Design Teams, Focus and Validation Groups, and the Finance Governance Committee.

The following Playback sessions were held in August:

  • Payroll Costing Allocation
  • Payroll Accounting Adjustment
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Inventory PAR Management
  • Inventory Fulfillment
  • Goods Delivery Run
  • Research Subaward Invoices
  • Capital Projects
  • Asset Lifecycle
  • Customer Payment
  • Miscellaneous Payment

Architect Design Sessions

The ATP Finance Design Teams continue working with their Focus Group members in Architect Design (AD) sessions. AD sessions focus on core Workday configuration within each functional area, including the design of less complex business processes​.

Foundation Data Model (FDM) Mapping Sessions

The General Ledger Design Team will continue working with UW System campuses on mapping the current-state chart of accounts to the new Foundation Data Model (FDM) values. This work will continue into the Configure & Prototype Stage. 

Cross-Functional Collaboration With IT

In addition to the FSPD sessions, the ATP Design Teams have been involved in cross-functional sessions with various IT teams to start planning for conversion data mapping, integrations, and reporting. 

What’s Next

Building the Workday Tenant

In September, the Finance teams will start to finalize workbooks and configuration, incorporating feedback from the Playback sessions. By the end of the month, the configuration will be loaded into the Workday tenant, which will continue to be built out for the remainder of the Architect Stage. Finance teams will continue to log change impacts and work through risks, issues, and decisions as they arise.

For most of the ATP implementation work, December 1 will mark the transition from the Architect Stage to the Configure & Prototype Stage. The Configure & Prototype Stage will continue through June 2023, followed by nine months of testing and three months of deployment before Workday goes live in June 2024. 

Workday’s Adaptive Planning Budget Tool

For the Adaptive Planning workstream (budget), a yearlong effort of finalizing requirements and mapping future-state business processes is just starting. The Architect Stage of this effort will start in fall 2023, with compressed timelines for the other stages. Workday’s Adaptive Planning budget tool will also go live in July 2024.