IT August 2022 Update

The Information Technology Strategy Team continues to increase its understanding of Workday and work through Architect Stage–related activities for the Administrative Transformation Program.

The team regularly meets with stakeholders throughout the UW System to gather information on the use of ancillary software systems. The finalization of the ancillary system disposition is currently planned to continue through the end of November. As recommendations are made for each ancillary system, the Integrations Team will align integration needs into work packages.

The team continues to recruit and hire new team members. Visit the ATP’s Program Team page for up-to-date information on new hires.

What We Are Working on

Data Mapping Sessions

The Conversion Team continues to attend and facilitate data mapping sessions to identify and document finance, human resources, and research administration data migration needs in preparation for the next Workday tenant (environment) build. The following sessions were held in July:

  • Sponsors and Grants
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Worker Data: License, Passports, Other IDs, Veteran Status
  • Service Dates and Disability Identification
  • Emergency Contacts
  • CRB and Fixed Billing Schedules
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • W2, Withholdings, Tax Treaties
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payroll
  • Awards

Integration Sessions

The Integrations Team completed several integration design documents focusing on the following:

  • 1042 and 1099
  • General Ledger
  • UW Portal Deep Links
  • SFS Combo Edit Requirements
  • Cost Transfer Tool Requirements
  • Interactive Reporting Requirements
  • TMA
  • Person Hub


Preparations for the Adaptive Planning tenant are underway, with the team preparing to run through initial user loads. The team will be establishing security checkpoints and reviewing existing security requirements in the coming month. 

Data, Reporting, and Analytics

Meetings with the Finance, Human Resources, and Research Administration Strategy Leads are underway to discuss reporting needs identified in Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions.

What’s Next

The IT Strategy Team will continue supporting the FSPD sessions and plan to focus efforts on the following in the coming month:

Data Mapping Sessions

  • Beginning Balances
  • Academic Appointments and Affiliates
  • Union and Committee Memberships
  • Hiring and Position Restrictions
  • Additional Jobs, Terminations, Leave of Absence, and Employee Contracts
  • Budget Templates
  • Work Schedules, Period Activity Pay, Retiree Status, and Learning
  • Projects and Assets, Sales Items, Dependents, and Awards Data

Integrations Planning

  • PersonHub
  • EBS Grants
  • TMA
  • College of Engineering, School of Pharmacy
  • MyUW and IDM
  • EBS Grants
  • Payroll (W2, FICA, Tax)
  • AssetWorks