IT October 2022 Update

The IT Strategy Team continues to increase its understanding of Workday and the associated technology needs as we complete Architect Stage–related activities and prepare for the Configure & Prototype Stage.

As we move through the Architect Stage, the IT Governance Group has been meeting to focus on strategic topics that impact the UW System. These are topics that may not be directly ATP-driven but have interdependencies with the Workday implementation including PersonHub/PICH; MyUW and the Workday User Experience; and imaging/document management. Each week, the working group brings to the discussions institutional knowledge that helps guide IT recommendations and decisions in a collaborative manner.

The IT team continues to recruit and hire new team members. Please visit the ATP website for a list of team members.

What We Are Working on

Data Conversion

The Conversion Team wrapped up its data mapping sessions with Finance, Human Resources, and Research Administration in mid-September. The team will use the information gathered during those sessions to prepare and extract the identified data for loading into the Workday Configuration Tenant.

This data will be used by:

  • The Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams to validate, test, and adjust their business processes
  • The Integration Team to write programs that send data from Workday to various other systems
  • The Reporting Team to create reports that will be used to better analyze the data

The following sessions were completed in September:

Human Resources

  • Payroll
  • Role and User-Based Security
  • Period Activity Pay


  • Locations – HCM & FIN

Research Administration

  • Subawards


The Integrations Team continues to work through the integration designs for work packages WP-2, WP-3, WP-4, and WP-5, moving them closer to completion. Meetings with Design Teams continue to help the teams understand how the future state will impact the integrations.

Integration design sessions were scheduled in September to discuss:

  • Glacier
  • Payroll (W2, FICA, Tax) – Continuation
  • HireRight
  • Customer Payments/Invoice Adjustments/Cash Sale/Import Catalog
  • File
  • Jaggaer
  • Work Study/Student Information
  • Job Posting

Ancillary Systems

The finalization of the ancillary system disposition is scheduled through the end of November. The Ancillary Systems team began meeting with the institutions in late September to collect the final dispositions of each identified system. In the spirit of transparency, a secure website (accessible by anyone with a UW login) will present the final disposition of each system, as well as who to contact at the institution if end-user questions should arise. As decisions are made for each system, the website will be updated so end users are able to see the final disposition of the systems that affect them in their day-to-day operations. The website is expected to launch in October.


Data protection and access management continue to be a top priority for the Security Team. The team is configuring the established risk controls in OneTrust, our identified risk management software. Putting these risk controls in place is a critical step because they proactively help protect our systems from potential threats and malicious attacks. Single sign-on (SSO) testing also continues in preparation for the Configuration Tenant and future tenants.

The Security Team continues to engage with the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams on security requirement validations in preparation for security profile mapping.

They are also revising the staffing strategy and general approach as they learn more about the most effective way to engage in these activities.

Data and Reporting

Office hour sessions continue to identify future reporting needs. During these sessions, the Data and Reporting Team collaborates with Finance, Human Resources, and Research Administration Design Teams to validate items in the report tracker and ensure that their disposition and priorities are accurate. In addition, conversations around the requirements for historical data are kicking off so teams can articulate their need for data retention as well as longitudinal reporting.

Office hour sessions held in September:

Human Resources

  • Payroll
  • Time Tracking
  • Benefits
  • Learning Management
  • Compensation
  • Academics
  • Core HR


  • Budgets & Adaptive Planning – Continuation
  • Internal Service Delivery
  • Banking and Settlement
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Cash Management

Research Administration

  • Options to blend pre-award and post-award information for reports

What’s Next

The IT Strategy Team will continue to support the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams in their design sessions, as they focus on the following in October:

Integrations Planning

  • DOA STAR – Continuation
  • HireRight – Continuation
  • Jaggaer – Continuation
  • AssetWorks
  • eVerify
  • Job Posting – Continuation

Data and Reporting

  • GL (General Ledger)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Recruiting/Onboarding
  • Prism Use Cases