IT September 2022 Update

The Information Technology Strategy Team continues to increase its understanding of Workday and work through Architect Stage–related activities for the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP).

The team has met with stakeholders throughout the UW System to gather information on the use of ancillary software systems. The finalization of the ancillary system disposition is currently planned to continue through the end of November. As decisions are made for each ancillary system, the team will align integration and data mapping needs into work packages, allowing for a deeper dive into the requirements gathering of each system.

The team continues to recruit and hire new team members. Please visit the ATP website for up-to-date information on new hires.

What We Are Working on

Conversion Data Mapping Sessions

The Conversion Team continues to attend and facilitate data mapping sessions to identify and document data migration needs for finance, human resources, and research administration in preparation for the next Workday tenant (environment) build. During these mapping sessions, the Conversion Team gathers the business requirements necessary to create programs for loading data from existing systems into the Workday tenant. This data will then be used by:

  • The Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams to validate, test, and adjust their business processes
  • The Integration Team to write programs that send data from Workday to various other systems
  • The Reporting Team to create reports that will be used to better analyze the data

The following sessions were held in August:

Human Resources

  • Time Off Balance
  • Academic Units
  • Academic Appointments
  • Terminations
  • Additional Jobs
  • Union & Committee Memberships
  • Leave of Absence
  • Hiring & Position Restrictions
  • Employee Contracts
  • Work Schedules
  • Retiree Status
  • Learning
  • Worker Data: License/Passports/Other IDs/Visas – Continuation


  • Beginning Balances
  • Projects & Assets
  • Sales Items

Research Administration

  • Budget Templates (Awards)

Integration Sessions

The Integrations Team is working on work packages WP-2 and WP-3 to move them closer to completion. As such, the current-state designs for integrations in these work packages have been documented, and meetings with Design Teams have been facilitated to help the teams understand how the future state will impact the integrations.

Initial integration design sessions for WP-4 were scheduled in August to discuss:

  • Payroll (W2, FICA, Tax)
  • Person Hub


The Security Team continues to work with ATP’s Huron partners on knowledge transition, while reviewing the outputs of the Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions. The team is actively engaging the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams on security requirement validations in preparation for security profile mapping. In addition, there is continued planning for the upcoming Configuration tenant, including access management and data protections. Single sign-on (SSO) was configured within a stand-alone security tenant and will be tested over the coming weeks to validate readiness for the Configuration tenant and beyond. The proposed structure for our risk controls matrix has been established and will be configured in OneTrust over the coming month.

Data and Reporting

Office hour sessions have been scheduled and are under way to discuss reporting needs for finance, human resources, and research administration. During these sessions, the team is meeting with Design Teams to validate items in the report tracker, ensuring that their disposition and priorities are accurate, in addition to discussing any new reporting needs that arise from the business process design sessions.

Office hour sessions held in August:

Human Resources

  • Talent Optimization
  • Absence Management & Time Tracking


  • Expenses
  • Customer Accounts
  • Business Assets
  • Budgets/Adaptive Planning

Research Administration

  • Preliminary report requirements

Up Next

The IT Strategy Team will continue to support the Finance, HR, and Research Administration Strategy Teams in their design sessions, as they plan to focus efforts on the following in September:

Conversion Data Mapping Sessions

  • Dependents
  • Import Budgets (Awards)
  • Payroll – Continuation
  • Role and User-Based Security
  • Inventory
  • Locations HCM & FIN

Integrations Planning

  • Chartfield Data to SIS & Journal Upload
  • Bank
  • UW Med Foundation
  • Glacier
  • Payroll/W2/Tax – Continuation
  • Customer Payments/Invoice Adjustments/Cash Sale/Import Catalog

Data and Reporting

  • Budgets/Adaptive Planning – Continuation
  • Internal Services Delivery/Banking
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Cash Management
  • Prism Use Cases