Watch ATP’s Nov. 10 Status Update!

Administrative Transformation Program leadership presented the latest Status Update on Wednesday, November 10. Following an overview of the program’s activities and a Workday update from ATP Director Nick Tincher, the ATP Strategy Leads presented current and upcoming work for the Finance, Human Resources, and Research Administration Strategy Teams.  

Susie Maloney, Finance Strategy Lead, presented the business process redesign methodology used by all three teams, as well as the specific business processes her team will be reimagining. Patrick Sheehan, Human Resources Strategy Lead, and Kurt McMillen, Research Administration Strategy Lead, presented similar updates for their teams. McMillen also explained how the Huron Research Suite will complement Workday to meet the needs of research administration.    

The event also featured remarks from ATP’s Executive Sponsors, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at UW–Madison Rob Cramer and Vice President for Administration at UW System Administration Jim Langdon, who emphasized the need to transform administrative operations across all UW System campuses. 

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Watch the Update

Introductory Remarks  
00:00 – Introduction and ATP Overview – Nick Tincher  
04:56 – Executive Sponsor Remarks – Rob Cramer and Jim Langdon  

Program Operations – Nick Tincher 
13:54 – Where is ATP now?  
19:23 – Workday update 
21:47 – System Implementation (SI) Partner functions 
24:49 – Staffing update 

Updates for Administrative Areas  
28:38 – Business process redesign methodology – Susie Maloney 
34:10 – Finance update – Susie Maloney 
36:16 – Human Resources update – Patrick Sheehan and Allison Niles 
42:22 – Research Administration update – Kurt McMillen 

Questions and Answers 
47:19 – Questions from audience answered by Nick Tincher