ATP ready to onboard system implementer

The UW System Board of Regents has approved a contract with Huron to be the ATP system implementation (SI) firm for Workday. The SI firm will play a critical role in ATP’s large-scale software implementation by providing a bridge between the UW System and Workday, the enterprise resource system (ERP) system provider.

As a Workday-certified partner, Huron brings extensive experience to help with the success of transforming the UW’s administrative processes, engaging its people in the endeavor, and migrating to the cloud-based ERP system to support the future of the UW System. Experience with dozens of peer institutions and knowledge of Workday will allow the Huron team to facilitate discussions and design decisions that will address the unique needs of every UW System campus.

As ATP’s work with Huron begins, priorities include defining the scope, schedule, resource needs, and budget for the implementation of Workday. Decisions will be guided by a review of the business process summary reports the ATP Strategy Teams have compiled. The collaboration will begin with Huron and ATP co-creating a workplan that aligns with Workday methodology.

Watch for updates on this work and the timelines for moving through the Planning Stage and into Design.

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