Research Admin October 2022 Update


The Research Admin Strategy Team continues to make great progress in the Architect Stage of the Workday implementation.

In September, the team continued to work through the design of many individual processes. (For a list of processes, see our September update.) The Research Administration Workday team is also working on several design and implementation tasks, such as conversion mapping, reporting requirements, and configuration details.

For a more in-depth update, please find the team at this year’s Symposium for Research Administrators on the UW–Madison campus.

RAMP – Research Administration Modernization Project

Grants & Agreements

The team continues to navigate the design of the future system by completing or starting 9 of 11 design iterations. Design cycles to date:

  • Completed: Iteration #1 – Single Sign-On / HR Data Feeds
  • Completed: Iteration #2 – Proposal Configurations and Workflow
  • Completed: Iteration #3 – Award Set-Up Process
  • Completed: Iteration #4 – Award Modifications
  • In Progress: Iteration #5 – Agreements
  • In Progress: Iteration #6 – Complex Proposals
  • In Progress: Iteration #7 – Integrations with IRB/IACUC/Safety/COI
  • In Progress: Iteration #8 – Data Conversion
  • In Progress: Iteration #9 – PeopleSoft Integrations

For a sneak peek of what’s coming, visit ATP/RAMP – Learning Videos and Resources.

In addition, join the team on October 12 for our next RED Hot Topic session, where we’ll share progress to date and demo some of the system. This two-hour session will focus on the award setup process and more! Register now to participate.

Employee Compensation Compliance –  LIVE!

The UW has upgraded the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) system to the newer Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) module. Coupled with the upgraded technology, the UW has transitioned away from traditional effort reporting to a project-based payroll certification approach that is easier and less burdensome. ECC was officially launched on August 1.

Key ECC Updates

  • August 1: “Pre-review” period opened for coordinators
  • October 31: Pre-review period closes
  • November 1: PI Certification period opens
  • December 15: PI Certification period closes

ECC Resources for UW–Madison and UW-Milwaukee

Visit the above Research and Sponsored Programs page often to see additional training materials.

Financial Forecasting – LIVE!

This module went live in July and is now in production.

A common question we get is “Who will use this tool?” The current plan is to implement Financial Forecasting for primary use by the UW–Madison Budget Office and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) units. Now that this tool has gone live, however, its use outside of central administration is being assessed, and further rollout across the UW-Madison campus is being analyzed.

Export Control

This implementation will start in October 2022, and plans to kick off this part of the project are being developed. The rollout of this dedicated export control functionality is expected to occur in conjunction with the UW–Madison Grants and Agreements modules.