ATP All-Stars: Get to know Liz Dressel

Photograph of Liz Dressel
Liz Dressel

While you get up to speed on the Workday implementation across the UW System, take some time to get to know the Administrative Transformation Program all-star team members who make our work possible. This month, we’re sitting down for a Q&A with Liz Dressel, ATP Expenses Design Team Co-Lead.

What’s your hometown?
Waupaca, WI (I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life.)

How long have you worked in the UW System, where, and in what roles?
I’ve been with the UW for just over four years. I started as the Director of Travel at UW System Administration (before COVID hit) and still have a split role with my “old job” at 20% and 80% on ATP.

What’s your role and team on ATP?
I’m currently one of the Design Co-Leads, along with Graig Brooks, for Expenses.

Why did you want to work for ATP?
I’m a believer in the mission of developing a better enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to make life easier for our staff. I’ve been working on making our travel policies and travel program more user-friendly and having a better Expense system is an important piece to improving the overall “traveler experience” at UW.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I love to travel for fun and just finished hiking the Grand Canyon last week. As I write this, I’m in Great Basin National Park. I’ve been to more than 45 countries and most of our national parks. I think travel is a great method of education: You get to learn so much about other cultures, and you learn a lot about yourself as well!

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