ATP All-Stars: Get to know Mark Domaszek

Photograph of Mark Domaszek
Mark Domaszek

While you get up to speed on the Workday implementation across the UW system, take some time to get to know the Administrative Transformation Program all-star team members who make our work possible. This month, we’re sitting down for a Q&A with ATP Supply Chain Management Design Team member Mark Domaszek.

What’s your hometown?
I live in Oregon, Wisconsin.

How long have you worked in the UW system, where, and in what roles?
I’ve been working for UW for eight years. For the first four, I was an accounts payable manager for UW–Madison. I worked a dual role during the planning and implementation of ShopUW+ and became a system administrator for two years. I came to ATP almost two years ago.

What’s your role and team on ATP?
I’m on the Supply Chain Management Design Team.

Why did you want to work for ATP?
It’s a great challenge and a chance to build something amazing for UW.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I have a pet African grey parrot named Smokey.

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