3 things to know about Workday training

The Administrative Transformation Program’s goal is to provide a beneficial Workday training experience for UW staff before and after Workday goes live in July 2025. To do this, our Training Team is working with ATP design and functional teams to develop meaningful training content and materials so you’ll have what you need to work successfully in the new system.

We’re collaborating to get the content right

Early in 2023, the Training Team met with the design teams to discuss what business processes will change, what roles might be impacted, and the complexity of each process. These factors helped determine the type of training to create, such as computer-based training and job aids.

Next, the training and design teams identified the changes coming with Workday that are most important to include in training.

ATP’s Training Team is also working with staff from across the Universities of Wisconsin. Attendees at the User Experience Testing Preview in January 2024 reviewed draft training content and gave feedback about screenshots, plain language, and more to help the team refine training materials.

UW staff will support you and your work

Our Training Team includes ATP instructional designers who have experience training staff across the Universities of Wisconsin. They are collaborating with Huron consultants who have experience with other Workday implementations and can provide resources and insights to help address UW’s training needs.

A training advisory committee of leaders from across the Universities of Wisconsin also offers guidance on training strategy and decisions.

We are preparing for Workday go-live — and beyond

End-user training will begin in March 2025 – close enough to go-live so you can remember what you’ve learned and feel ready to work in Workday when it launches in July 2025.

Training will continue after go-live. With two Workday updates each year, you’ll receive support to adjust smoothly to future changes.

To learn more about training formats and timelines, bookmark the Workday Training page on the ATP website and watch for future updates.