Campus representatives will get a close look, test Workday to prepare for go-live

Campus representatives from across the Universities of Wisconsin will participate in Workday User Experience Testing (UXT). Selected attendees will complete business processes in Workday and provide feedback to ATP. UXT will begin in August and runs through October.

This is a crucial activity before Workday, the system that will replace Shared Financial System (SFS) and Human Resource System (HRS), goes live in July 2025.

Participants will be asked to:

  • Confirm business processes can be completed as expected in Workday
  • Identify any current operational procedures, such as email reminders, to adjust before go-live
  • Test-drive training materials

Separate UXT sessions will be geared toward employee- and manager-self-service business processes, as well as specific HR and finance and research administration processes. The sessions will be delivered to both small and large groups. Some will be virtual, and some in-person events will be held at regional campuses.

The ATP Engagement Team meets monthly with Readiness Teams from each university to help prepare their staff and ensure involvement as we move toward go-live. The Readiness Teams have selected attendees for the UXT based on their positions and experience.

ATP has been testing the Workday setup for months and will continue to test through the end of 2024. The UXT sessions will give ATP essential feedback from UW staff who will use the system in their daily work.

Attendees will also gain useful knowledge, skills, and information to share with their colleagues in follow-up campus sessions.

Training for all Universities of Wisconsin employees begins in March 2025.