HR March 2023 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

Customer Confirmation Sessions

We kicked off the first in a series of 10 Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) on Thursday, January 26. Customer Confirmation Sessions offer an opportunity to share information and collect feedback regarding how we have designed and configured Workday. Each session offers stakeholders a chance to ask questions, share feedback to inform future state design, and confirm design touchpoints developed during the Architect Stage.

Iterative Tenant Build

All data cleanup files have been transferred to the HR Strategy Team for the next tenant build.

We have mapped new business objects to Workday and continue to transfer data from PeopleSoft to Workday as part of data conversion. Each tenant build allows an opportunity for further mapping of data and identification of legacy data cleanup needs.

The remaining design work is expected to be 95% complete by mid-May. Prioritization of key decisions for all business processes is underway, and work is progressing to meet this goal.

Supervisory Organizations

The supervisory organizations (sup orgs) have been mapped and shared with all the comprehensive institutions for input and feedback, and the team is more than halfway through mapping UW-Madison’s organizations. UW-Milwaukee is almost completely mapped as well. This foundational structure will replace the home department use case of the UDDS for all staff and contingent workers.

Unit Testing

The team is halfway through the unit testing and defect resolution process for over 2,600 unit test scenarios. These scenarios are designed to test configuration in Workday and identify mistakes and issues with our configuration. They are a great opportunity to learn more about how each functional area may affect another and help us prepare for end-to-end testing.

Workday Walkthroughs

Please encourage those who are newer to Workday to tune in to ATP’s Workday Walkthroughs, which provide high-level overviews of Workday functionality. Recordings of the walkthroughs are posted to the ATP website. Get Workday Walkthrough details.

Workday Timeline

  • Test and Train Stage begins July 2023
  • End-user Workday training begins March 2024
  • Workday will go live in July 2024 to coincide with the new fiscal year
  • Support and continuous improvement are planned to be ongoing