HR May 2022 Update

ATP’s Human Resources Strategy Team is excited to officially kick off the Architect Stage.  

Read on to see what we’ve been working on, what comes next, and important program news.

Workday Progress and Updates   

The HR Strategy Team has planned two important design activities for the Architect Stage: Future State Process Design Sessions (FSPD) and Architect Design Sessions (ADS). 

The team will engage key stakeholders in FSPDs to capture information that will guide design and the configuration of high-level business processes in Workday. 

Architect Design Sessions are a mix of small, focused discussions on functional area topics and in some cases, a larger group capstone presentation. They tend to be less cross-modular than the FSPDs.  

Eleven of the HR Strategy Team’s members have completed Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Fundamentals training. The training helped the team to better understand how to configure Workday to accomplish the day-to-day activities of the UW. 

New Staff 

The HR Strategy Team is excited to welcome these new ATP members

  • Tanya Skrivseth will lead the Core HR Design Team and joins us from UW-Milwaukee’s Shared Services. 
  • Christine Ray is the Talent and Performance Management Design Team Lead and joins ATP from Talent Acquisition in UW–Madison’s Office of Human Resources. 
  • David Wirth is the Learning Management System Design Team Lead, transitioning from ATP’s Change Management Learning and Development Team. 
  • Yvette Alicea-Reed joins the Talent Acquisition Design Team from UW-Milwaukee’s Shared Services. 
  • Eric Hinkel joins the Payroll Design Team from UW–Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health. 
  • Haili McCulloch joins the Core HR Design Team from Workforce Relations in UW–Madison’s Office of Human Resources. 
  • Kristen Leonard joins the Core HR Design Team from the Office of Human Resources at UW-Oshkosh. 
  • Daun Wheeler joins the Compensation Design Team from the College of Letters and Sciences at UW–Madison. 
  • Brianna Schreier is a Business Systems Analyst and will support the HR Design Teams; she joins us from the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Management. 

What’s Next 

  • The HR Strategy Team will begin Future State Process Design Sessions; the first session is scheduled for May 23. 
  • The team will be conducting weekly Architect Design Sessions throughout the Architect Stage, which runs through November of this year.