IT April 2022 Update

Welcome to the first ATP Information Technology update! Every month, the IT Strategy Team will share a report on the progress of Information Technology (IT) related activities in the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP). Read on to learn about the team’s work to date and key implementation timelines.


The UW System Board of Regents approved in 2021 a 10-year contract with Workday, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system intended to replace PeopleSoft’s Shared Financial System (SFS) and Human Resource System (HRS), along with hundreds of ancillary systems across all UW System institutions. ATP has selected Huron as the system implementation (SI) firm to help implement Workday across the System. Huron began onboarding activities with ATP in January, and the IT team has begun onboarding staff and working through Planning Stage activities.

About ATP’s Information Technology Strategy

The systems and business processes that support Human Resources, Finance, and Research Administration across the UW System are undergoing a transformation. ATP’s Information Technology and Data, Reporting, and Analytics teams, in close collaboration with leadership and subject matter experts from across the UW System campuses, are engaged in an initiative to expand our capabilities and modernize our technology. IT strategy areas will cover:

  • Data conversion
  • Integrations
  • Security
  • Data, reporting, and analytics

Data Conversion

The Data Conversion Team has conducted data-mapping discovery and review sessions with key stakeholders to analyze data requirements that will drive how data will be translated, transformed, and converted into Workday. The information gathered during these efforts will be used to deliver the UW’s first Workday environment (Foundation Tenant build) at the end of April.

Team Lead: Michelle Weber, Conversion Design Lead


The Integrations Team has begun efforts to perform a preliminary review of integration touchpoints between Workday and ancillary software systems. Integration discovery sessions are underway and expected to wrap up by the end of April. As we prepare to move into the Architect Stage in May, the team is finalizing plans to expand the ancillary disposition discovery to all campuses across the UW system.

Team Lead: Anand Vangipuram, Integrations Design Lead


The Security Team has begun investigating business process controls and is working with key stakeholders to develop foundational security design documentation. Discovery sessions held to date include security foundation design, modeling sessions, and training on Workday business process and security. As we prepare to move into the Architect Stage, the team is focusing on completing the Workday security strategy.

Team Lead: Kristy Rogers, Security Design Lead

Data, Reporting, and Analytics

The Data and Reporting Team conducted the first set of discovery sessions, including the disposition of the report inventory items for Finance and Supply Chain Management. We will be continuing with Research and HR report inventory items over the next two weeks as we prepare to move into the Architect Stage.

Workday Prism Analytics functionality was recently moved into scope and is currently being integrated into ATP’s overall strategy. The addition of Prism significantly expands UW’s capacity to handle external data and perform more advanced analytics within Workday. We are excited to leverage Prism in our mission to bring easy-to-understand reports and analytics into one user-friendly hub: Workday.

Team Lead: Brad Sanders, Data and Reporting Strategy Lead