Why Universities of Wisconsin staff are thankful for Workday

Since ATP began the work of reimagining business processes within Workday, our team members have collaborated with staff in all roles across the Universities of Wisconsin. As our partners’ knowledge of Workday grew, so did their enthusiasm — because the benefits of this new system will extend beyond the work of financial, human resources, and research administration units.

All supervisors. All decision-makers. All employees will benefit from Workday. Not sure how it might help you? Check out just a few of the Benefits of Workday for your role.

Throughout 2023 at monthly Workday Walkthroughs, leaders from several UW institutions offered their insights about how Workday will benefit their departments and staff on their campuses.

Improved Data and Reporting

One of the biggest benefits to all workstreams will be improved data for reporting.

“Current reporting functionality requires a lot of manual work, extracting information from Excel and other places.” —Jessica A. Wright, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Platteville.

She is grateful Workday will give us centralized data and greater reporting functionality.

More Empowered Employees

Sheronda Glass, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Parkside is thankful employees will be able to complete many more personal changes with Workday’s user-friendly employee self- service features.

“It will be great to provide tools for employees to find information at their fingertips — they won’t have to make a call or fill out a piece of paper then wait a few days for us to respond. They can get quick information and help manage themselves and their careers.” —Sheronda Glass, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Parkside

Greater HR Efficiencies

When HR staff time is freed up, thanks to empowering employees, Workday will ease the burden on HR staff and let them address the bigger picture.

“There will be a lot of ways Workday will benefit our office. We’ve not been able to devote ourselves to strategic HR. A more interactive approach to people management will bring efficiencies to the departments we serve.” —Eric Roesler, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Stevens Point.

Workday Learning: A Better Training (and Onboarding) Experience

Workday Learning is another feature that will streamline information for both new employees and their supervisors.

“Workday Learning will provide a better way to assign learning to new employees and to those with specific job titles. New staff won’t have to go to various sources for their training. It will be in one place and provide a much better onboarding experience.” —Tammy Starr, Registration & Learning Management System Coordinator, UW-Madison.

Streamlined Expense Reporting

Staff who travel can submit expense reports with the streamlined Expenses module or use Workday Mobile to complete them before they return to the office. And a new role designation in Workday means someone else can do it for them.

“In addition to submitting expense reports on a mobile phone, having someone able to submit a report on behalf of a traveler will be a huge plus for us and save a lot of time for our staff.” —James Muller, UW-Madison Director of Business Operations-Athletics.

Learn more about the Benefits of Workday to your role at UW — and why you’ll be thankful when Workday goes live, too!

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