7 Workday facts and features you’ll want to know

As employees of the Universities of Wisconsin, we will all use Workday when it goes live in July 2025. Some of us will use it in our daily work. All of us can use it to manage and view our personal information. And we will have easier access to more information than we do today.

Want to discover what’s great about Workday? Start with our latest ATP video, which highlights some of the Workday features we showcased in Workday Walkthroughs over the past year.

Learn more about the topics that interest you by watching recordings of past Workday Walkthroughs. You’ll get an overview and demonstration of some of the most common business processes before end user training starts in March 2025. Workday Walkthroughs have concluded, but you can watch the 12 recordings of 2023 topics any time with your UW login.