Watch Walkthroughs to learn Workday basics

Since December 2022, ATP held Workday Walkthroughs to provide high-level overviews of Workday functionality and features. Workday Walkthroughs have ended, and new ways to learn about and explore Workday are coming in 2024. In the meantime, you can check out the walkthrough recordings.

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Some Workday Walkthroughs highlighted the daily tasks finance and HR staff complete, such as processing expense reports and onboarding new staff. Others demonstrated how Universities of Wisconsin employees will use Workday to do things like enter time off, access payslips, and manage their training and professional development.

Recordings of the 12 Workday Walkthroughs are available to watch with a UW login. Workday end-user training will begin March 2025 before Workday goes live in July 2025.