Finance December 2022 Update

ATP’s Finance Team completed the Architect (Design) Stage on November 30. Thanks to our engaged campus stakeholders, roughly 80% of our design decisions have been made by this point. December marks the beginning of the Configure & Prototype (C&P) Stage.

Architect Stage Accomplishments

As the Architect Stage concludes, we want to recognize the progress that has been made with your help. Some key achievements include: the completion of configuration workbooks, provision of design analysis results, finalization of FDM (Foundational Data Model) design and Worktag values, and completion of future state process design documents.

To give a sense of the scope of the work completed in the Architect Stage, we would like to celebrate a few specific data points. ATP’s Finance Team was pleased to have:

  • Reviewed roughly 400 ancillary systems
  • Validated 544 high priority finance reports for the inventory
  • Held 57 FSPD playback sessions
  • Mapped over 56,000 FDM rows
  • Finalized 86 key finance decisions
  • Determined scope for 238 finance integrations

What We Are Working On

Configure & Prototype Activities

December marks the beginning of the Configure & Prototype (C&P) Stage. The work of the C&P stage will continue through June 2023 and will include:

  • Iterative business process prototyping & configuration
  • Integration development
  • Reporting development
  • Unit testing
  • Conversion testing
  • Role mapping
  • Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS)

Customer Confirmation Sessions

As they have throughout the Architect Stage, Finance Design Team members continue to identify and log the potential impacts of expected changes. These change impact logs will be used to guide upcoming Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) and unit test prep to prepare appropriate transition support and training.

Similar to the Future State Process Design (FSPD) Playback sessions held in the previous stage, Customer Confirmation Sessions are an opportunity to share information and collect feedback regarding how we have designed and configured Workday business processes so far. These sessions will engage a broader audience, including ancillary system owners, to further confirm future state design. ATP staff have started scheduling Customer Confirmation Sessions from January to April 2023.

FDM Mapping Sessions

The General Ledger Design Team will continue working with our campuses on mapping the current state Chart of Accounts to the new FDM (Foundation Data Model) values.

FDM mapping work will continue into the Configure & Prototype Stage and is expected to be complete by April 2023.

Adaptive Planning

The Budget Design Team and Budget Focus Group began weekly meetings in November (which will continue through summer 2023) to develop requirements and business processes for the following functions:

  • Compensation Planning Budget/Forecast
  • Auxiliary Driver Based Budget/Forecast
  • Tuition Driver Based Budget/Forecast
  • Planning Allocations and Commitments
  • Other Non-Compensation/Revenue Budget/Forecast
  • Projects, Grants, and other items

Compensation Planning is the first topic being covered, and the team has started to work through recommendations around position vs. pooled position budgeting and data frequency. The ATP Design Team will be getting Adaptive Tenant access in December. The tenant will be used to demo recommendations throughout the requirements and business process mapping phase of the project.

The team is targeting May 2023 for Phase 1 Scope recommendation. In addition, the budget team will continue to work through other project-related items including key decisions, ancillary system reviews, reporting, integrations, and additional Workday touch points.