Workday dashboard will improve onboarding experience

Do you remember your onboarding experience? Were you getting acquainted with your new office and job responsibilities while acting on a flurry of emails, meeting with people, filling out forms, and keeping tabs on your benefits coverage and payroll information?

Many of the frustrating parts of that experience will go away when Workday goes live in 2024.

In the January Readiness Workshop, Liz Hanson, ATP Onboarding Design Team member, introduced the onboarding dashboard in Workday. Hanson explained how new hires will have a more welcoming and streamlined experience.

With Workday, new staff will receive and complete necessary paperwork electronically, in one centralized system. They will receive notifications about forms to complete with due dates and be able to track their onboarding progress on the dashboard. They will also be able to set up their personal profile, as well as enter withholdings, payment elections, and review required notices and documents.

The dashboard will provide most of the information a new employee will need, including:

  • Welcome messages
  • Names of teammates to meet
  • Helpful tips for getting started
  • Required trainings
  • Payroll and benefits resources and contacts
  • Links to campus services

This automated system will ensure that new staff receives necessary information while they begin learning about their new job.

Centralizing information and eliminating paperwork also provides many benefits to hiring managers and HR representatives.

“Right now, onboarding is a paper-heavy, manual process that is difficult to track, decentralized, and at risk for missing key compliance requirements,” Hanson said. “Workday will streamline and automate several areas, and all new-hire paperwork will be completed in Workday. We have had a positive reception from campus Focus Group members and HR stakeholders.”

One example of an improved process with many benefits for new employees and HR staff is the ability to complete the I-9 form directly in Workday. The I-9 form is a federal requirement for all new hires that verifies identity and employment authorization.

New hires will be able to complete their section of the I-9 form quickly and easily in the onboarding dashboard. The form will even autofill any information they’ve already provided in the hiring process, such as their address. By completing and storing all I-9 forms in one place, the possibility of duplication is greatly reduced when someone changes jobs within the UW System.

“In such a large institution, the more we can standardize and centralize the paperwork for new hires, the better,” Hanson said. “And when it comes to federal requirements like I-9 forms or providing ACA Health Insurance Marketplace notices, Workday makes it easier for staff to complete required forms.”

Workday will provide consistency in the onboarding experience, save time, and allow teams to focus on welcoming new members to their department. You can learn more about the onboarding dashboard in the Readiness Workshop #2 recording, available to anyone with a UW login.

Check Out the Onboarding Dashboard Readiness Workshop


What’s Changing, and Why Does It Matter?

  • The onboarding dashboard will organize and deliver information quickly to new hires.
  • All new hire forms will be completed electronically instead of on paper forms.
  • Staff will be able to track their own onboarding progress in Workday.
  • Managers/HR will be able to run reports on completion status and outstanding tasks.