Benefits and Pay Hub to be central location for employee information

The April Workday Walkthrough (linked at the bottom of this article) showed how the easy-to-navigate, centralized HR information in Workday will provide a better user experience and save time for all employees across the UW System.

Workday’s Benefits and Pay Hub is the single location where all faculty and staff can review benefits, compensation, and payroll information, including payslips and retirement contribution elections. Eric Hinkel, an ATP Payroll Design Team Member, demonstrated some of the tasks you will be able to complete in the hub, such as:

  • Update information on W-4 documents for federal and state withholdings, including marital status, claim allowances or exemptions, and additional tax withholdings
  • Make changes to payment elections by designating up to five accounts
  • Start, stop, or change your supplemental retirement contributions at any time

With the Benefits and Pay Hub, you will also be able to:

  • Compare any two completed pay periods to view differences between payslips
  • View your pay history for a selected timeframe
  • Track your earnings and deduction history

A feature that’s new to staff, the paycheck estimator tool called Model My Pay will allow employees to enter hypothetical changes to certain earnings, taxes, and deductions to estimate the change to their payslip.

To learn more about Workday’s Benefits and Pay Hub and Model My Pay and hear insights from Sarah Vosberg, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources at UW-Platteville, watch the April 2023 Workday Walkthrough.

Check Out the Benefits and Pay Hub Workday Walkthrough


What’s Changing, and Why Does It Matter?

  • Employees will be able to see all of their payroll and compensation information in one place.
  • UW employees will have a range of self-service options, such as viewing benefit and retirement savings elections in Workday.
  • In Workday, employees can start, stop, and change a supplemental retirement contribution without the assistance of a Benefit Partner.
  • Currently, there is not an option for an employee to view hypothetical changes to their earnings. In Workday, employees will have access to the Model My Pay paycheck estimator tool.