Learn how Workday makes funding positions more efficient, transparent

When the UW begins using Workday, finance staff will have more involvement in the payroll costing allocation process.​ Additionally, the approval workflow within Workday will be viewable by everyone involved in the process and create efficiencies for HR and finance staff.

The September 14 Workday Walkthrough focused on how to set up funding as a standalone process in Workday. Julie Millis, ATP General Ledger Design Team Member, provided an overview and demonstration of the new process and some of its benefits.

“One of the biggest changes that will save time is that ongoing funding will not have to be updated annually, as it is today,” Millis said. “In Workday, we can set end dates far into the future.”

Everyone will benefit from a range of reporting options and increased visibility into costing allocations throughout payroll processing.

To learn more about how to fund positions in Workday — and hear insights from Jessica Wright, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer at UW-Platteville, about the efficiencies we will gain with Workday — watch the September 2023 Workday Walkthrough.

Watch the Latest Workday Walkthrough


What’s Changing, and Why Does It Matter?

  • Ongoing funding does not need to be updated annually; dates can be set into the future.
  • The costing allocation approval workflow occurs in Workday.​
  • Finance team members will have more involvement in costing allocation.