Workday provides function and convenience for supervisors

When Workday goes live in July 2025, the University of Wisconsin will say goodbye to multiple campus-specific systems currently used to hire, manage, and provide career development for staff. Supervisors on every campus will use the My Team Management dashboard in Workday to perform most employee-related tasks. 

The manager self-service functionality allows supervisors to:

  • View employee and team information such as leave activity and balances and performance and career information
  • Enroll employees in learning, monitor their progress, and take an active approach in developing their team
  • Enter approvals for workflows 

“The My Team Management dashboard is going to provide supervisors with more information than they currently have and house it all in one place,” said Liz Hanson, ATP Onboarding Design Team Lead. Hanson provided highlights of the functionality in the Workday Walkthrough on October 12. 

Workday will give managers information about time and absence, talent and performance management, and learning management to help them manage their team. All UW staff will benefit from similar features in employee self-service and can learn more by viewing previous Workday Walkthroughs. 

Want to see what managers can do in Workday? Watch the October 2023 Workday Walkthrough.

Watch the Latest Workday Walkthrough


What’s Changing, and Why Does It Matter?

  • The My Team Management Dashboard allows managers to better perform their supervisory responsibilities by making information about their team easily accessible in one place and actionable, where appropriate.  
  • Managers will receive automated notifications of pending actions and approvals needed.
  • Managers can easily track requests in various processes and see who has acted. 
  • Standardized processes across the UW System allow for more consistent manager training, clear expectations of manager responsibilities, and quicker troubleshooting.