Check out performance management features in Workday

If you’ve worked for more than one unit, division, or UW institution, you’ve likely had performance reviews completed in different ways, in different systems, and on different timelines. In the future, performance reviews will be done in Workday and on the same schedule for all Universities of Wisconsin employees.

“We’ll have the ability to complete the entire performance review process within Workday,” explained Christine Ray, ATP Talent and Performance Management Design Team Lead, in the November 9 Workday Walkthrough. “This area will impact all employees — we’ll all be using Workday in this way.”

Employees will be able to update their personal information and goals themselves. People managers can also view and update goals for their staff and see any talent information their team members share. To make sure the performance review process stays on schedule, managers and workers will get prompts to complete performance-related tasks in their My Tasks section of Workday.

“I am really excited about the new tools we’ll have to support performance reviews. Automated reminders and trackers will help everyone,” said Elise Bechly Schubert, Interim Assistant HR Director at UW-Milwaukee. Bechly Schubert also served on an ATP focus group and is an HR Co-Readiness Lead for UW-Milwaukee.

Staff will also be able to share information about their education, languages, certifications, achievements, and training outside of UW through a talent review. Talent reviews will be part of the onboarding process, as well as an annual event when employees are prompted to make updates. Staff can also update all of their talent information throughout the year in Workday’s Career section.

To see a demonstration of the performance management process in Workday and hear insights from Elise Bechly Schubert, watch the November 2023 Workday Walkthrough.

Watch the Latest Workday Walkthrough


What’s Changing, and Why Does It Matter?

  • HR will be able to gather and report on performance results as well as other talent factors, such as educational background, certifications, and languages.
  • Performance reviews will be completed annually on the same timeline across the Universities of Wisconsin.
  • Workers and managers can add or update goals at any time.
  • Talent information will be documented within Workday, giving HR visibility and ease of updating by the worker.